I did reviewy things for the theatre before, when I saw a lot of musicals, then gave it up because I didn’t like the whole rank-it-on-a-scale thing. Also I started to really not like musicals.

Then I discovered that’s not really criticism. But this blog isn’t likely to be that either.

Basically, I just wanted somewhere to write my thoughts about plays down, to save my poor housemates’ sanity. Because I can’t half talk.

If you’re interested, my name’s Harry. I’m a history student. I’ve lived in London since September 2015 so I feel like I’m perpetually playing catch-up. I also have a tendency to use too many commas, so feel free to shout at me in the comments.

I can’t promise regularity, but believe me, when I have thoughts on a play, i have THOUGHTS.

I might write some things about Mary Stuart first, or maybe do a Top-Theatre-of-the-Year thing. Eh. Who knows.

Right. Think that’s it.



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